Badminton, Table Tennis and Multi-Purpose Gym

The Cantada Sports Center has a multi-purpose gym for indoor badminton courts, football, volleyball and table tennis events. It can accommodate up to 800 spectators.
Badminton Court Cantada Sports

Badminton is an exciting indoor or outdoor racquet sport that can be played by almost anybody no matter how young or old. Now is the time to bring out your racket and shuttle. Play this fast paced game with your friends or play competitively at the Cantada Badminton Gym. It is a well known fact that Badminton gives multiple health benefits and promoted longevity.

Table Tennis Cantada Sports

Table Tennis

Enjoy an exciting match of ping pong and roll out your stroke techniques at the Cantada Sports Center. Get your heart rate up while avoiding bruises or broken bones. One of the gentler sports, Table Tennis is considered a lifelong sport that keeps your brain mentally sharp and your body agile.