Beach Volleyball Court

Haven’t you always wanted to spike volleyball like a pro? Do your most powerful volleyball spike attacks at the only lighted and all-weather beach volleyball court in the country. It has a specially-designed drainage system patterned after sand traps found in golf courses. A lightning detector same as those used in US football fields and golf courses alerts players of any lightning activity.

“We are providing healthy competition and maximum exposure in our own small way of developing and promoting the sport,” said Cantada Sports Center’s Edgardo “Boy” Cantada. Source URL
Cantada Sports Beach Volleyball Court

Featured Events:

  • PCSO Metro-Manila Women’s Inter-Collegiate Beach Volleyball Open: 14 May 2010
  • 85th NCAA beach volleyball competition: 27March 2010
  • PCSO Invitational Women’s Inter-Collegiate Beach Volleyball Challenge: 23 August 2009
  • The First Samsung Women’s Inter-Collegiate Beach Volleyball Challenge: 9 October 2005

Rental Rate:
Php 1,000 per hour (without use of lights)