Firing and Shooting Ranges

Do you want to know where to practice target shooting?

Join Cantada Sports Gun Club and learn the rules of gun safety and shooting basics. Being armed is more than pulling the trigger and experiencing an outright adrenaline rush through your veins. It is about protection, safety and discipline. Responsible gun safety is required at all times.

Cantada Sports offers an air-conditioned indoor shooting range suited for Olympic air pistol and air rifle events. The range features Spieth electronic retrievers, video monitors and dedicated video cameras focused on targets. It also has three (3) outdoor firing ranges with 8meters to 30meters in length. The Cantada Guns and Ammo ranges are definitely a place to visit.

Cantada Sports Shooting and Firing Range
Among the previous events held was the 1st PCSO Inter-Collegiate Shooting Competition at the indoor air-conditioned shooting range of the Cantada Sports Center. One of the organizers is Therese Cantada, a National 383 points record holder in Air Pistol Event.