Gerard Cantada Golf Academy

What better way to learn Golf than be trained by a professional golfer? Gerard Cantada gave up his successful amateur golf career to teach golf. “To me, nothing is more challenging than being able to teach golf to so many people…to allow them to enjoy their best game just as I did for so many years” stated by Gerard last 2001. Until now, he continuously devotes time into golf. Being a tournament director at the PCSO 11th Philippine International Junior Golf Championship, he expressed his drive to make 2011 a banner year for Philippine Junior Golf.

Gerard Cantada’s golf instruction is sophisticated, hi-tech and helpful. He can spot your wayward swings and help improve your game through a special digital technology used by professionals abroad. “Our method is good for beginners because they will concentrate more on their form instead of hitting balls right away in the driving range or focusing on how far they hit the ball,” he explains. His team will bring smart gadgets that most golfers have not seen before: “We are using the B1 Digital Golfing System; it’s what they use in the Professional Golfers Association professional tour. We take your video, we download it into the computer which has a lot of tools and does frame-by-frame analysis. We can magnify; we can even split you from right-handed to left-handed. And then we’re going to compare your swing to your favorite pros, say Tiger Woods. We will examine your form frame-by-frame so we can advise you on how you can improve your game.” (The Philippine Star) Updated May 17, 2003

For more details, please call or send an SMS to Gerard at (0917) 833.2353